We call ourselves Vantage Point because we’re committed to going above and beyond to provide you with wise financial navigation.

Vantage Point is a team of independent advisors united under common values. Individually, we’re committed to serving our own clients and building strong relationships with them. As a team, we’re able to tap into each other’s wisdom and experience. So by design, we’re all invested in your best outcomes.

Our shared vision is to be consistently:


Vantage Point Advisors share a common Investment Approach to conduct financial planning from a life-size, big picture, strategic point of view. To us, even short-term financial goals map back to a longer-term vision.


One of the things we like best about being financial advisors at Vantage Point Wealth Management is that we get to work with people, not just numbers. Therefore, we gladly team with our clients, with each other, and with specialists as needed, including attorneys, accountants, and estate planners.


Not only do our advisors keep pace with what’s happening in your life, we stay on top of financial trends, complex market outlooks, and news cycles so we can bring the freshest perspective to our planning and address the toughest questions along the way. (We love tough questions. Try us.)

It’s easy to connect with us.

Vantage Point has offices around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area and your Vantage Point advisor is happy to meet with you at the location you prefer. We also serve clients throughout the Midwest and across the U.S. Wherever you’re located, if you prefer to meet virtually with your Vantage Point advisor via phone or face to face, we’re accustomed to this as well.

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While each advisor has a unique background and style, we share a common approach to service and investment.