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Planning and Preparing

| March 16, 2020

To our Clients and Partners,

We wanted to let you know what we at Vantage Point Wealth Management are doing to address and minimize the potential impact of the Coronavirus pandemic for our clients and our team.  First and most importantly, we are focused on the safety and health of our clients, our employees, and our families and have been implementing many of the precautions that have been advised by global healthcare professionals.

We enjoy seeing our clients and strategic partners face to face for our discussions whenever possible, though we also understand that this is not an ordinary time. If you would prefer having our meetings over the phone as a part of a social distancing routine, please let us know.

It’s also important for you to know that Vantage Point Wealth Management has already reviewed and tested a Business Continuity Plan in that event that we experience a significant business disruption. We will be able to continue processing requests as needed for our clients even if we are required to work remotely for a period of time.

If you or anyone you know has questions, please feel free to contact us directly or share our contact information as needed.