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We Remain Here for You

| March 18, 2020

Dear Clients and Strategic Partners:

In support of doing our best to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic, Vantage Point Wealth Management’s Plymouth office has made the decision to implement our plan to work remotely.  As of Wednesday, March 18th, our office will be temporarily closed for meetings with clients.   We expect this to be through the end of March, but we will be in further communication as necessary.

Our number one criteria for making this decision is to protect your health and safety, as well as that of our team and families.  We are all in this unfolding situation together, and we remain as committed as always to serving you through all of life’s challenges and opportunities.

Fortunately, as planners, we previously created a Business Continuity Plan that outlines our plan for serving the needs of clients while working remotely. 

As of now, the 505 Waterford Park building where we office is still operating, so we have the option to return to our traditional operating mode when it is appropriate or to go in and take care of the mail (which we’ll have someone doing every day).  In the meantime, when you call our office, you’ll notice we’ve changed our voicemail to reflect the current situation.  You can still select the adviser you’re trying to reach from the phone menu, and we’re all set up to receive calls or messages remotely.  We’ll still plan on working our core hours when we would normally have meetings or be available for phone calls, we’ll just be going to our own kitchens when it’s time for another cup of coffee.

We know this may cause an occasional inconvenience, and we thank you for understanding. We’ve always tried to be good members of our communities as well as good advisers, and in the long run we believe this is for the greater good of all members of the Twin Cities community and beyond.  As always, feel free to contact us with questions about this, your account, or other matters.


Vantage Point Wealth Management.